Sunday, 2 February 2014

Trespassing With a Imaginary iPhone

Trespassing With a Imaginary iPhone

Afternoon everybody, just got back from a little trip out to do some iPhone photography, my plan was to capture some woodland and to take some panoramic photos and just as importantly fill my lungs with some fresh air. I jumped out the car at my chosen location (A privately owned mini Downton Abbey estate) only to realise I had forgot the most important bit of hardware for any iPhone photographer...MY IPHONE !!

In absence of my iPhone I made the decision to do a little reconnaissance, so armed with my wellies and using that classic old image capture device “My Brain”I set off into the distance. After some time I was standing just looking through my imaginary viewfinder “my fingers” when I was intercepted by the land owner out walking with her dog. She explained to me in her Downton Abbey style that I was not on the footpath and I was trespassing on private land, and if I did not leave at once she would set Mr Carson on me. I apologised with my puppy eyes and explained to her that I was out taking photos and the best images are always captured off piste. It was kind of a hard statement to back up as I was out taking photos with the Emperors new camera, so after apologising again I decided to walk back to my car, using the public footpath of course.

On the drive home I was thinking about how many photographs I have in my portfolio that have been taken in locations that I probably should not have been in, and on reflection I find its over half of them :)

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